Ivy is an expert guide through the maze of college selections and applications. She is extremely knowledgeable as well as patient and kind through this sometimes daunting process. She does a thorough intake so she really understands where you and your family are coming from. She gives advice on how to position your child’s expertise and accolades to ensure they are viewed by the selection committee in the highest light. Her essay support is priceless. She helped my teen to motivate and focus over the past year which has been a challenge for all of us. Ivy’s services at every level are a very worthwhile investment.

— L.S. (parent)

We purchased the Finding Colleges package for our daughter from Croton Consulting Services. Ivy Lewis was an absolute pleasure to work with from the get-go. In the collaborative Q&A session, Ivy guided our daughter through a series of questions designed to cull her preferences on an array of attributes that make up the college experience. During the session (which I felt welcome to attend), Ivy took the time to answer every question we raised about the college search and application process. We left the meeting feeling much more relaxed about the process, and eager to receive the customized list of colleges for our daughter. When the report arrived, it contained summaries of 15 colleges that, based on Ivy’s analysis, were a good fit for our daughter. The recommended colleges included of a mix of target, reach, and safety schools. Ivy saved us a ton of time (and angst) by helping our daughter identify the colleges she was most interested in and well-suited for early on, leaving her plenty of time to visit them and interview, before the application deadlines. I highly recommend Croton Consulting Services to anyone looking for a more personalized and effective approach to the college search process.

— D.R. (parent)

Ivy was a great help to find the best college options to consider. She tailored the recommendations well to our son’s academics and preferences.

— B.S. (parent)

Ivy was instrumental in helping me navigate the college process. Her questions helped me to hone in on what I was looking for in a college, and I felt she really listened to my preferences. All the colleges she recommended for me were spot-on, and I could only hope I would have found them otherwise. She stuck by me through the college process, helping to keep me motivated and on track, and was always available to text or call if I had any questions or concerns. Her guidance and advice helped me to discover where I wanted to go, and I ultimately got accepted Early Decision! Thank you, Ivy!

— – Z.D. (student)

Ivy spent an enormous amount of time speaking to both my daughter and I, reviewing how the college process works and the types of schools there are to consider. Since my daughter didn’t know what size school she was interested in, Ivy gave us a large selection of varied sizes in schools as well as majors. In addition to size and major choices, Ivy asked about budget which was very important to us given our income and savings. She only sent us to schools that met our requirements and often will offer funds to students applying which was great! Anytime we have follow up questions Ivy has been happy to offer advice and answers, she knows her stuff and is so easy to work with during a very overwhelming time for us and our teenager. We highly recommend working with Ivy, she will make your lives so much easier and help you enjoy the process.

— N.G. (parent)

Ivy helped me through some very tough essays and convoluted college procedure and rules. I don’t think I would have even a basic grasp of the college application process without her!

— S.S. (student)

Ivy Lewis was incredibly helpful in narrowing down our choices based on our daughter’s preferences and intended major. Ms. Lewis is extremely knowledgeable about the FAFSA process, scholarships and how to navigate the system. She spent a great deal of time educating us and calming our fears. She even helped us make some connections while touring a college. Our daughter got into the college she wanted and it was a perfect fit. Croton Consulting Services is the best, stress-free way to start your child’s college journey. Ms. Lewis comes highly recommended!

— E.N. (parent)

Ivy is a wonderful resource. For us, she was a neutral third party who was able to help our son understand the importance of extracurricular involvement and keeping your eye on the ball, long before School selection and the application process began. Then, she kept him on task with deadlines. Sometimes children don’t listen or respond as well to their parents. Thanks Ivy!

— L.P. (parent)

Going into the college application process, I had no direction and was intimidated by how to even start. The only college I had ever visited was my parents’ alma mater, and I had no idea what I wanted for the next level of my education. Ivy spent time learning about my high school experience and interests and organized an approach tailored to suit me. She explained each step of the process and made me more comfortable with her personal touch.

— – R.G. (student)

Ivy Lewis of Croton Consulting Services was referred to us by a dear friend of the family. While being located a few hundred miles away from Ivy, my son and I were able to communicate through countless FaceTime sessions. We truly enjoyed working with Ivy from the very beginning. Croton Consulting has a streamlined approach to the entire process, saving lots of time and confusion for our family. In the end we were provided with a wide array of Universities some which were considered safety schools and others which were reach schools for our son. Ivy truly has passion for helping us navigate through every step and it shows through her timeless efforts.

— – M.G. (parent)

We are very grateful to Ivy for all that she did to support our daughter’s college search. Yes, we sought someone with expertise, but we also wanted someone who was personable, honest, and supportive- we found all of these qualities in Ivy. She helped us navigate and simplify what is an overwhelming process, providing us with helpful tips and sage advice. Ivy is thorough and accessible and most importantly, she really cares about each student that she works with.

— B.L. (parent)

Meeting with Ivy was very helpful and helped me narrow down my list. THroughout this whole process, I felt less stressed about finding a college than a lot of my peers because of Ivy’s help.

— – K.D. (student)

When it was time to begin the college application process for the first time as parents, my husband and I were surprised by how much had changed since our high school days. Ivy guided us through the process step by step, helped us organize a strategy that worked for our family, and always kept our daughter’s interests front and center. She really got to know us, and worked with us to develop a personalized plan that made us all comfortable and ultimately was effective. Most of all we appreciate how she made a potentially stressful process much less so with her positive and professional approach.

— – K.G. (parent)

Ivy was a great help to find the best options to consider. She tailored the recommendations well to our son’s academics and preferences.

— B.S. (parent)

Ivy was great in helping me identify size and culture of schools I’d like to possibly tour and fit my interests. She asked me so many questions to ascertain the things that were most important to me from sports to clubs to the distance I wanted to be from home! I felt like she really understood me as a person not just someone who looked at my grades and test scores to make some recommendations. Thanks Ivy!

— M.G. (student)

Ivy was very helpful during the college application process. She is like having your own personal assistant. She’ll make sure you are doing everything you need to do when you need to do it. And you know she’ll always be there for you.

— – L.P. (parent)

We had an exceptional experience working with Ivy! I was clueless about navigating the whole process of looking for colleges. Ivy broke it down into manageable steps per month. She gently (and sometimes not so gently) prodded our son to get his work done, and she really fostered a friendship with him. I could hear him laughing with her on the phone and she was one of the first people he called when he got into his first choice college! What a delightful experience when it could have been a nightmare! THANK YOU IVY! Now my next son will meet with her soon.

— K.N. (parent)

Ivy was a fantastic chaperone through the entire college application process. Starting at the initial orientation meeting, college selection process and through the submission of applications she worked tirelessly with my son to focus on finding him schools that were a good fit. I would highly recommend her to anyone who needs help.

— R.E. (parent)

Ivy helped bring focus to what felt like a disjointed process, and clarity as to what tier of college my son should shoot for when applying. Her specific suggestions to him about how to organize and distinguish himself were very useful in getting him more engaged with the applications. I appreciated how she put responsibility on him to follow through on tasks. We came out with a list of colleges for him to consider that covered the bases of target, safety, and reach, and used this list and its data points as a jumping off point for further research of our own as we ultimately chose which colleges to apply to.

— G.H. (parent)

We collaborated with Ivy to find schools that had all the criteria we were looking for in an educational setting. Her interviewing approach with our children helped define what they wanted from a school and what they didn’t. She is honest and direct with her clients and treats them as adults. She also gave valuable advice regarding extracurricular activities, standardized test scores and letters of recommendation. She is passionate about what she does, and it shows through the time and effort she puts in to each student. Naviance is a helpful tool but Ivy was able to provide much more background and depth. If this is your first time researching colleges and/or you have limited time yourselves to devote to formulating a plan, call Ivy.

— J.D. (parent)

Ivy’s services were very helpful as she helped go through colleges that satisfied my criteria, finding perfect matches for me. She provided me with very detailed information about each college that best suited my major and preferences. The whole process was smooth and helped with the decision process. I highly recommend Croton Consulting Services.

— K.N. (student)

I only wished I had known about Ivy when my first son went through the tedious process of applying to colleges. We literally could not have done it without her — thank you!

— C.B. (parent)

After hearing a glowing recommendation form a friend, I called Ivy to help me compile a list of schools for my twin girls. Ivy helped us tremendously! By asking specific questions, she helped each girl hone in on the kind of school they wanted. She suggested schools we had not thought of, and opened our thinking about locations. My daughters both felt that she genuinely cared about their search, and we all feel she helped to make the process go more smoothly.

— C.D. (parent)