I was overwhelmed at the process of helping my daughter find her “best fit” college.  Ivy was a life saver.  She led my daughter through a series of questions to help her decide what she really wanted and needed in her college.  She also made sure we stayed on top of all our deadlines.  Our college search took place during the first year of the Covid19 pandemic and Ivy kept us focused during a time of incredible upheaval and uncertainty.  Ivy patiently had multiple conversations and did multiple searches for colleges. Ivy reviewed all of my daughter’s applications and her college essay and in the end my daughter was accepted into all the colleges to which she applied. She had several great schools from which to chose.  I am so thankful for her guidance. My daughter is now enrolled in a college that really is her “best fit”.  – C.W. (parent)


Ivy Lewis of Croton Consulting Services was referred to us by a dear friend of the family. While being located a few hundred miles away from Ivy, my son and I were able to communicate through countless FaceTime sessions. We truly enjoyed working with Ivy from the very beginning. Croton Consulting has a streamlined approach to the entire process, saving lots of time and confusion for our family. In the end we were provided with a wide array of Universities some which were considered safety schools and others which were reach schools for our son. Ivy truly has passion for helping us navigate through every step and it shows through her timeless efforts.    – M.G. (parent)